Nidhi Shakti Health Protection Centre and Nepal Cancer Relief Society Bhaktapur, jointly organized a day campaign prior to the occasion of World No tobacco Day May 31. The campaign was organized in four different junction places of Bhaktapur- Banshagopal, Thimi, Jagati and Chyamasingh. The pamphlets and audio clips of anti-tobacco theme were used as awareness tools. More than eighty people participated the campaign including personnel from Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, students, police department and volunteers.
The slogan for 2022 World No tobacco Day is “Tobacco: a Threat to Development”. All tobacco products include cigarette, bidi, surti, cigar, pipe, sulpa, kakkad, gutkha, etc. These all tobacco products harm the individual’s health in long term increasing their risk to lung, bronchitis or mouth cancer. Not only that, to the larger level, it definitely obstructs the overall development of nation and world. Tobacco increases the health care costs decreasing the productivity rate. This definitely contributes to poverty. The tobacco manufacturing process directly threats the environment by raising solid waste. According to WHO, every year 2-4% of global deforestation takes place to produce tobacco. The overall objective of the campaign was to give light on these threats caused by tobacco use. Campaigns like this will play a great role to spread awareness to discourage the use of tobacco to the public.