Alapot with the total area of 1.61 sq. K. m, is situated at East North at the distance of about 17Km from the central Kathmandu. The VDC is surrounded by Bagmati River in the West, Nayapati and Sundarijal in the noehtern side, Gagalfedi in the east and Bhadrabash in the south. This spectacular  village is far from the city pollution. This area is highly populated by the Brahmins, Chhetris followed by Newar ethnic group.

Nidhishakti Health Protection centre and Shree yukti jointly organized a cancer Awareness and Screening campaign in Alapot. On the occasion of Teej (24th August) the biggest festival of Hindu women, a Cancer awareness class was provided to more than 300 women. Dr. Anju Shrestha from Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research centre presented on the most occurring cancers among women like, uterus, ovary and breast cancer. The self breast examination techniques were also demonstrated during the program. The explanation on most effective way of screening for uteri cervix cancer, PAP smear test was also provided to the participants.

The number of women from the participants who have performed PAP smear test earlier was found to be less than 10. The awareness program was very effective on creating awareness about most occurring cancers among women in Nepal.


Following the Cancer awareness class, a one day Cancer screening and general check up camp was organized on 2nd of September in Alapot VDC. Nepal Cancer Hospital Harisidhdhi, Sahayogi Saving and credit and Bhagwan youth Club of Alapot provided the technical support for the camp. The Pap smear test for the uteri cervix cancer screening in women was the major focus of the camp which was accompanied by general checkup of the participants free of cost. The camp had more than 400 participants.

The locals participated the health camp with enthusiasm.


“I have understood that we have to do regular check up of our body. It can save us from diseases like cancer. We want to thank the organizing team for coming to our place.” Our camp Paticipants.