With a purpose of improving health status of people, we organize free health camps targeting the poor and minority group people in various rural areas of Nepal.

Our past experiences include free general health check up and medicine distribution in health camp coordinating with local health posts and hospitals. We also conduct free cancer screening camp focusing on the early identification of cancers like breasts and uterus which is common in women. Those women diagnosed with cancer are referred to cancer Hospitals for further treatment process.

On May 6, 2017 we organized a one day Cancer screening camp in Nagarkot. The camp jointly organized with Nepal Cancer Relief Society Bhaktapur was technically assisted by Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, HECAF Nagarkot Community Health Centre and Bhagwan Youth Club. About 200 patients were provided with free general medical checkups and medicines whereas 124 eligible women performed Pap smear screening test for uterus cancer. Many women in rural Nepal face the problem of uterus prolapsed and uterus cancer.